Recruitment & Management

Grotto Hire UK will interview and recruit a carefully-selected, local team, who will bring your event to life with complete professionalism and the true spirit of Christmas. 

This careful selection will ensure that all staff:

  • Have retail and customer service experience
  • Improvise and use own initiative
  • Role-play as Father Christmas or elves
  • Offer excellent customer service, including money-handling
  • Promote festive cheer at all times

Off-site training will include:

  • Clear job responsibilities for each role
  • How to deliver a magical experience to each child
  • Customer service standards and expectations
  • Disability awareness
  • Health and safety (including risk assessment)
  • Till and money-handling
  • Management of cash

On-site training will include:

  • Grotto walk-around and understanding role-play
  • Queue management and controlling customer flow
  • Understanding any technical operations
  • Safety and security of the site
  • Ensuring training is understood throughout the launch


Dressed for the occasion, all of our seasonal staff truly look the part in their themed, festive attire, where careful attention is paid to detail – right down to the bells on their toes. With perfectly turned-out staff, we stock, design and manufacture quality costumes of the highest grade so our staff can wear them with pride.

  • Full time staff to have 2 x costumes for hygiene purposes
  • Any damages can be repaired within 12 hours.


All-singing, all-dancing performers can be hired to entertain the whole family whilst they wait to see Father Christmas, or to create an extravagant launch event for your Christmas campaign.

From stilt-walkers to choirs, from local celebrities to dancing elves, Grotto Hire UK can arrange an eclectic range of festive talent, making your event a truly memorable occasion.


Each and every single child is given a hand-wrapped, unique gift by Father Christmas , which can also be themed, depending on the design of the grotto. Parents and carers often see the gift as a true representation of the admission fee, and because of this we make sure we give gifts that are reflective of the admission costs and this can be altered according to your requirements. From simple to decadent, the options are endless.

In order to appeal to the majority of children, we include products that are familiar to most children, using branded gifts such as Disney, Marvel and Mothercare. We also separate presents into the following categories, to ensure that the gift is as appropriate to the child as is within our power:

  • Babies
  • 1–2 unisex
  • 3–6 boys
  • 3–6 girls
  • 7 + boys
  • 7 + girls


To make that cherished memory last forever, why not offer customers a range of festive, photographic merchandise, which Agility Events can produce and manage from start to finish.

With our proprietary digital photography system – which is based on advanced Canon technology- our elves can take each photograph remotely and on cue – allowing us to capture that magical moment with timely perfection.

  • Cash terminal location (for entry fees and photography purchases) will be at the grotto’s exit position.
  • Customers can view and purchase photos from the photo booth and/or from the grotto.
  • Customers may preview their photo on-screen after the visit – even if it’s on another day within the season.
  • All photo memorabilia and gifts will be produced immediately at the cash terminal for the customers to take away instantly.
  • Card machines are also available.